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EarthLink Email Settings

If you are a user of EarthLink mail and are wondering as to what are theEarthLink Email settingsthen you have come to the right place. In this article, we will take you through all the stepwise Earthlink email settings for different device types and Outlook versions. The settings are well-described and you won’t find any step that is hard to follow or execute. Through the settings mentioned below, you will be able to set up your Earthlink account on your device or outlook without much hassle. The settings will work 100% as all of them are tried and tested. The settings mainly comprise of two different email server settings i.e. EarthLink IMAP settings and EarthLink SMTP settings. The IMAP server handles the incoming emails and the SMTP server handles the outgoing emails of your account.

EarthLink IMAP Settings

Below mentioned are the general EarthLink IMAP settingsthat you need to apply in order to use the incoming email services with ease.

  • Log in to your EarthLink email account.
  • In the upper left corner, click on settings.
  • Now choose accounts.
  • Choose IMAP from the drop-down menu.
  • In the ‘Incoming Mail Server’ option, enter ‘
  • The value in the ‘Incoming Port Number’ should be ‘143’
  • ‘’ should be entered as ‘Outgoing Mail Server’
  • 587 should be entered as the Outgoing Port Number.
  • Click on accept.
  • Now you have set up your account using IMAP.

EarthLink Email SMTP Server Settings

Find below the required EarthLink email SMTP server settingsfor using the outgoing email services without any problem.

  • Click on the Mail icon.
  • Go to the Accounts Section
  • Enter your EarthLink email id
  • In the username section, enter the full email address
  • Enter your email password when prompted for the same.
  • The server hostname should be
  • The port value should be 587
  • SSL/TLS certificate should be Yes
  • If test settings are enabled, then run the test.
  • If everything checks out then you have enabled the SMTP auth Earthlink net settings.

EarthLink Email Settings For Outlook

Know the correct EarthLink email settings for outlook here. The settings are more or less similar for all the Outlook versions, you can just go on following the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open Outlook
  • Click on ‘File’
  • Go to ‘Account Settings’
  • Switch the settings to ‘ON’
  • Click Next
  • Choose ‘Internet email Address’ and enter your EarthLink email address and your name.
  • Go to ‘Account Type’
  • Choose POP3 and then enter the following information

– The incoming email should be
– Port Value should be 995

  • Click On Save
  • Enter your Login Information
  • Click On ‘Test account settings’
  • If everything checks out then you have successfully settings up your EarthLink email account with the Outlook.

Congratulations, you have successfully set up your Earthlink Email on Outlook.

Earthlink Email Settings For Mac

Now let’s take a look at the EarthLink email settings for Mac. The EarthLink email server settings are fairly straight forward and will work for most of the Mac versions.

  • Firstly, open the Mail app from the application folder or dock menu.
  • Now, the “Welcome to Mail” assistant will appear if you are setting the first email account and you need to click on continue to move forward with the steps. If you have already configured an email account, the mail window will open.
  •  Click on the “File” option and then select “Add Account”.
  • Next click on ‘Other’
  • Under the Add Account section, input the following:

Enter your name in the place of the Full Name field.

Enter your complete email address in the Email Address field.

Enter the password in the place of the password field.

  •  Click on the “Continue” button.
  • Under the Incoming mail server window, input the details as below for incoming mail server:

Select the “POP” option for the account type.

Input in the place of the incoming mail server field.

Input your complete EarthLink email address in the Username field.

Input the password in the place of the password field.

  • Click on the “Continue” button.
  • Now, under the incoming mail security section, select the “password” option for Authentication and check the SSL option also.  
  • For the outgoing mail server section, make a click on arrow present on the drop-down menu and then select “Edit Server List”. Use “” for the outgoing mail server.
  • Check the option of “Use only this sever”.
  • Select the “Use authentication” checkbox.
  • Input the username and password in the respective fields.
  • Click on the “Continue” button.
  • Choose “password” for the Authentication and select the “SSL” option under the outgoing mail security section.
  • You will see the summary of the new account as per the settings applied by you, click on the “Create” button.
  • In the end, your account will be created successfully and now you can send/receive emails without any problem.

After you apply the aforementioned EarthLink webmail server settings for mac, you will be able to use all the EarthLink email services on your mac without any hassle. 

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