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The Best Outdoor Furniture Sets 2021

The Best Patio-Furniture Sets, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

A comfortable patio set can transform any outdoor seating area, whether you’re looking for a safe, socially distanced way to socialize or hoping to take your WFH setup outdoors this summer. And while we’ve written about lots of outdoor furniture before — including the best outdoor furniture for small spaces, the best outdoor-dining sets, and the best cheap-but-expensive-looking patio décor — here we’ve rounded up the best patio conversation sets and outdoor-furniture sets, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Best-rated patio furniture set

Flash Furniture Nantucket 6-Piece Black Patio Garden Set With Table

Over 1,000 reviewers give this “sturdy” six-piece patio set a five-star rating, and dozens mention that the umbrella — a feature the other patio sets on this list lack — is a major selling point. And though some note that the chairs and table are on the smaller side, one reviewer, who wears a size 26, says that they’re “perfectly comfortable in the chairs” and “very easy” to assemble. They add that the umbrella “has been sturdy enough during the week we’ve had it,” though they still recommend keeping it closed while not in use. It’s a simple set, and another reviewer does say it may not be the most stylish patio set ever made — but it certainly gets the job done for seating small groups. “If you need quality budget patio furniture, and you don’t care about being featured in Better Homes and Gardens, I couldn’t recommend this more,” they write. “I couldn’t have lucked out more; it suits our needs. The table is small, but can fit a small seated group of 3-4. I keep the chairs and umbrella folded and out of the way when not in use, but they’ve lasted so far. I say go for it.”

Go for it $197 AT AMAZON

Best-rated (less expensive) patio-furniture set

GREARDEN 3-Piece Outdoor Patio Wicker Chair Set

This three-piece wicker set gets high marks for its surprisingly affordable price and comfortable, easy-to-clean cushions. “This set is much better than I expected given the low price, and it looks great on my balcony,” one such reviewer begins. “The chairs are very sturdy and they look very nice, [and the] cushions also have a zipper so you can wash them.” And while the seat cushions aren’t the plushest they’ve ever sat on, “the chairs are generally comfortable already so don’t think you need too much padding.” Another reviewer was also pleasantly surprised by the quality and finds that they “love sitting on these chairs in the morning with a cup of coffee out in the fresh air.” And while they do think the chairs could be a smidge taller, “overall they are very comfortable and they fit on my small front porch very well.”

Go for it – $179 AT AMAZON

Best wooden patio-furniture set

Walker Edison 6-Piece Outdoor Wood Chevron Patio Furniture Set

Made of solid acacia wood, this six-piece patio set — which includes four chairs, one bench, and one table — is most often described by reviewers as “beautiful,” “sturdy,” and “easy to assemble.” As one writes, “The wood is lightweight but sturdy and well-crafted for the price you pay. It took about an hour or so to put together and the directions were easy to follow.” In order to keep the wood moisturized, they conditioned their set with beeswax “and will probably do a few more coats to help it stand up to the weather.” (If you live in a rainy or humid climate, “you should definitely plan on sealing this,” they advise, though they haven’t run into any issues yet.) And another five-star reviewer calls it a “fantastic outdoor option” that “gives off a super cozy woodsy feeling.” Plus, even though they had a problem with one of their chairs, the “customer service was fabulous”: “They were able to send a set out to me with no return strings attached.”

Go for it $867 AT AMAZON

Best high-top patio-furniture set

Lokatse Home 3-Piece High-Top Patio Set

Over 200 reviewers give this high-top patio set five stars, and reviewers especially like the 360-degree swivel chairs. “After reading all of the reviews for this set, I decided to go for it. And boy, am I glad I did,” one such reviewer begins. “This set is way more substantial than I could have hoped for. It’s heavy and is not cheaply made where you are worried it’s going to blow over in the wind. The smoked glass top is a nice addition and gives it a classy look.” But their favorite part of this set is the chairs, which are “surprisingly comfortable:” “I love that they swivel, [and] have adjusters on the bottom for stabilizing.” And another reviewer, who titled their review, “Worth The Money!!,” agrees, finding it just as attractive as it is functional. “This is a beautifully constructed set. The chairs are comfortable and swivel nicely,” they write. And as for the table, “the glass top is deeply tinted, giving it a rich look.”

Go for it – $281 AT AMAZON

Best two-piece patio-furniture set

Lokatse Home 2-Piece Outdoor Corner Sofa Patio Set

This two-piece set can be split up to create two individual seats or joined together as a chaise longue, which reviewers say is especially convenient for small spaces. One reviewer purchased three sets to create their own sectional and found it to be “precisely what we wanted”: “All the pieces are interchangeable … and unlike wicker, it’s exceptionally sturdy, being steel,” they write. “Overall, for this price and the durability of the frame and cushions, it’s a great find and we are very happy with it!” Another reviewer was looking for something to add to their small deck and proclaims that they’re “in love” with this set. “I wanted something to be able to hang out and drink my coffee on in the morning, in comfort. This set fits the bill,” they write. And while some find it hard to assemble, they advise waiting until the end to fully tighten all of the screws: “There were a couple holes that didn’t line up perfectly, but I used the extra tool supplied as a pry bar (in the adjacent hole) to get it lined up and it worked perfectly,” they explain. Assembly and compact size aside, “it is so well built and VERY sturdy,” they conclude. “I look forward to many mornings and evenings on this piece of furniture, enjoying my deck!”

Go for it – $250 AT AMAZON

Best three-piece metal patio-furniture set

Lokatse Home 3-Piece Patio Set

Over 60 percent of reviewers give this easy-to-assemble bistro set — which comes with two chairs, two thick cushions, and one square coffee table — a five-star rating. “This set looks better and is far more sturdy than I expected. We just wanted a little set to put on the balcony and now we look for excuses to sit outside,” one such reviewer writes. Another calls it a “true bargain”: “The quality is top-notch, and the cushions are sturdy but very comfortable.” And dozens of reviewers note that, as with almost all patio furniture, it’s best to tighten the screws at the end of assembly to avoid frustration: “The chairs are super easy to assemble as long as you don’t tighten the screws down before everything is completely together,” explains one user, “and make sure you have the seat facing correctly. Otherwise it goes together so fast and easy and I assembled it alone. It is a beautiful set and is so comfortable.”

Go for it – $227 AT AMAZON

Best four-piece metal patio-furniture set

Flash Furniture 4-Piece Indoor-Outdoor Steel Patio Table Set

Go for it – $468 AT AMAZON

Best four-piece wicker-patio-furniture set

Baner Garden 4-Piece Outdoor Wicker Patio Set

This handsome four-piece set comes with a loveseat, two chairs, and a glass-top table, which reviewers find just as comfortable as it is sturdy. One reviewer “took a chance and ordered this set without reading any reviews” and is “so glad” that they did. “This is a great set for a small patio or deck space,” they write. “The chairs and sofa are very sturdy and comfortable.” Plus it’s easy to put together: “I’ve never assembled any furniture before so I say its pretty easy to assemble,” they add. “Just lay all the pieces on the floor and use common sense.” Another “was in love with it” by the time they finished assembly, finding it to be nicer “hands-down” than their $700 set. “It’s not the highest quality, but it looks it,” they write. “Now my husband actually sits outside with me in the mornings when I have my coffee.”

Go for it $459 AT AMAZON

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