I am Dr. Asma Malik from Rawalpindi, a doctor by profession, a mother of 7 and 5 years old and an avid reader by heart.

I was at a lost for words. I thought hard, and I couldn’t believe I am not sure what my rights are as a parent in school.
This itself was alarming. If I don’t know my rights as a parent in school, how can I expect myself to participate in my kids’ educational progress in school actively? After stretching my mind a lot, there were things that I decided to write down that I hold essential when it comes to schools of my kids.
☆ Right to know my child is in safe hands, what safety precautions schools take within premises. There should be briefings or notices attached or conveyed on school social media how schools maintain security and safeguard kids, how they induct teachers, aya, gatekeepers, and other staff. Are they psychologically evaluated or not regularly. 
☆  Right to know about the actual progress of my child. Not just report cards or written exams but about the surprise tests and other class activities. I don’t want how many marks they got; I wish to know if they have gained some knowledge to go to the next class.
☆ Right to be informed about school activities being planned. So that I can encourage my child to participate in them, it breaks my heart when my child is ignored in some play/ drama or other sport activity or school function just because he/ she was a new kid and was shy to ask the teacher. Please inform us as parents so we can encourage them. Or convey their willingness to participate.
☆ Right to be able to communicate with the teacher more formally and appropriately. I don’t like to ask teachers for their phone numbers, and I wouldn’t say I like it when parents bug teachers over WhatsApp class groups. Many important things are left unnoticed due to unnecessary and repetitive questions. 
Why isn’t there an email address of a teacher to whom we can write a mail and discuss a more pressing and vital matter like bullying or teasing class fellows? And the teacher is also not disturbed as her privacy, and cell number are for her personal use.
☆ Right to complain against a teacher for her inappropriate behavior, be it emotional, verbal, or physical, without the fear of turning every teacher of school against you.
☆ Right to be more involved in school activities. Why don’t we have parents board in school, or why don’t the school ask us parents to volunteer and help them out with extracurricular activities? Why cant the parent’s board have their meetings on their own and discuss their school concerns? And? If there were such a thing in my kids’ school, I would love to participate in it.
Thats all I have in my mind right now, but I want to educate myself regarding this aspect to participate actively in my child’s early education and school environment.