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February is a brilliant time to try a new hobby or explore a new interest. It could be something useful, something fun, or maybe both. Why not learn to draw, play chess, sew, code, bake, or even manage your money!


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We’re celebrating the arrival of Ramadan with Five Pillars of Islam Series.

Shereen Sufyan Khan

CEO Bookaan

I am a Pakistani-Canadian mom with a passion for reading, and I am on a mission to improve Pakistan’s reading culture. Almost four years ago, I started my journey to make Pakistan more reader-friendly.

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تازہ ترین اور بہترین اردو کتابیں دیکھیں۔

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Bookaan readers are specially designed considering the growing and developing needs of young kids. Bookaan is collaborating with several leading schools in Pakistan to make Bookaan readers accessible to as many kids as possible. Bookaan readers are oriented towards developing kid’s interests in reading books. 
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