About Me

Thank you for visiting Bookaan.

My name is Shereen Sufyan Khan, CEO of bookaan.com.
I am a Pakistani-Canadian mom with a passion for reading, and I am on a mission to improve Pakistan’s reading culture.
Almost four years ago, I started my journey to make Pakistan more reader-friendly.
I conducted free reading sessions in several schools across Pakistan. I motivated parents and kids through many platforms, and now I am helping parents in the journey of instilling reading habits in their kids through my blog. Currently, I am creating resources to help parents in this regard to have easy access to quality reading material.
I am very motivated to improve Pakistani kids’ reading habits; therefore, my focus is on easy-to-read, fun books emphasizing bright, colorful pictures. I want to encourage creative thinking in children of all ages; thus, my books are divided into age-appropriate reading levels. My inspiration for creating quality resources for kids stems is from my personal experience as a two children’s mother. As a young mother, I was very keen on integrating the habit of reading in my babies from the start. However, finding good resources was almost impossible. This led me to start creating strategies to help me overcome this challenge. Over the years, I have collected countless resources, upgraded my skills, experimented with various approaches. Through a lot of trial and error, I was able to get the desired results, and I am excited to share them with all of you!!
My books are carefully crafted and thoughtfully designed for our young readers. They are very user-friendly. Some of our younger readers might require assistance from adults.
I hope these picture-driven books, with short descriptions, bring as much joy to your little reader as they bought to my little ones.